Vertical hydroponic system with Danish tables / 2-tier

Our system makes it possible to make maximum use of space, which guarantees higher crop yields in small, medium-sized and even large farms.

High load capacity is a matter of course. Our compact system with the possibility of variable settings will amaze you with its size, but also with the brawniness of the entire steel structure. Fresh, nutritious and tasty vegetables, herbs grown all year round and, of course, a caring gardener and controlled environmental conditions and resource use.


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Vertical hydroponic system with Danish tables / 2-tier

The MAXIMUS vertical system has been designed to free up the space between the frames at each level, providing enough space for a better air ventilation system, lighting fixtures and enough space for oversized trays to pass between the frames.

  •  construction dimensions: height 263cm with wheels / 250cm without wheels, width 130cm, length 260cm
  •  dimensions of the bathtub / Danish table: width 122 cm, length 244 cm, height/depth 7 cm
  • 2-story vertical system consists of one metal support structure provided with anti-corrosion and antibacterial surface treatment and two grow tubs / Danish tables
  • load capacity per floor: 680 kg
  • load height up to 2.5 m
  • possibility to use statically or with wheels


Main advantages of the product:
  •  vertical moving multisystem
  • the vertical multisystem can be used statically or with wheels
  • equipped with anti-corrosion and antibacterial surface treatment
  • high load capacity
  • the limit is only the roof 🙂



What will the next 25-35 years hold for farmers or home growers like you?

– by 2050 we will have 9.8 billion people worldwide to feed
– people will live in cities and away from places where crops are grown
– cities in the EU are developing housing for newcomers, the commercial space market will be more expensive, inefficient and increasingly competitive


MAXIMUS vertical system, MAXIMUS shelves and of course MAXIMUS towers…?
…cultivation on another level. Salad, herbs, cbd projects,
… Their intelligent design uses every cm3 of space.

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