Maximus Vertical Tower 80L

Vertical hydroponic tower with 80L nutrient tank

MAXIMUS Tower vertical hydroponic system with 36 positions for plants and an 80 liter container for nutrients.

The LED system is not part of the package, sold separately, PRO LED section.

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Maximus Vertical Tower 80

Hydroponic growing system with 36 positions for plants and an 80-liter container for nutrients.


Hydroponics is the future, especially with the professional knowledge that is incorporated in this product.
MAXIMUS vertical hydroponic system for ecological cultivation:

  • The hydroponic tower is a modular
  • stackable and mobile vertical cultivation ecosystem
  • specially designed for yield maximization and automation
  • producing a fresh harvest with minimal effort.


Effortless results every time: Specially tailored to provide an optimal controlled environment for growing a wide range of crop products in all environments and climates.


Maximus Vertical Tower 80



Option to purchase LED system for Maximus Tower



Highly efficient water and electricity saving with MAXIMUM results.

Grow up to 40% healthier food, 3x faster with hydroponics: The hydroponic tower garden grows plants with only water and nutrients. Our MAXIMUS hydroponic systems can grow plants 3x faster and produce an average of 40% higher yields. This means that you will enjoy a rich, nutritious harvest all year round without having to wait long.
The tower can be equipped (LED tubes are sold separately, not in the package !!!) with MAXIMUS LED grow tubes made of high-quality material, which has CE, ROHS certification and uses original Samsung and Osram diodes, high-efficiency Samsung white light and red light Osram diodes are the key to continuous improvement of yield and quality of plants.


What will the next 25-35 years hold for farmers or home growers like you?


– by 2050 we will have 9.8 billion people worldwide that we need to feed
– people will live in cities and outside the places where crops are grown
– cities in the EU are developing housing for newcomers, the commercial space market will be more expensive, inefficient and increasingly competitive




MAXIMUS vertical system, MAXIMUS shelves and of course MAXIMUS towers…?
…cultivation on another level. Salad, herbs, cbd projects
… Their intelligent design uses every cm3 of space.





80 liter nutrient tank

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