Vertical Pillar 4 system Maximus

Growing shelf with 4 pillars for 32 plants

Table top small growing shelf with 3 pillars for 32 plants.

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MAXIMUS Vertical Pillar 4 system

A green paradise right on your desktop!

Table top small growing shelf with 3 pillars for 32 plants.

Dive into the world of hydroponic growing without soil right from the comfort of your desk, kitchen, or living room with our table top small grow shelf.
With four pillars and a capacity for 32 plants, this compact device brings a green oasis right to you.

You never have to wait for the right time or space to grow your favorite plants.

You can have your herbs, flowers or even vegetables close at hand at all times with our tabletop small shelf for growing.
Its intelligent two-pillar design ensures optimal use of space and allows your plants to grow fast and healthy.
The system is easy to set up and customize, giving you full control over your crop.

Invest in our table top small grow shelf and bring a piece of nature right into your work environment.

We are confident that anyone who longs for a green miracle will appreciate this practical and elegant choice.
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