Planting Shelf 5-tier Maximus

Hydroponic shelf for growing the MAXIMUS brand

Planting Shelf 5-tier Maximus

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MAXIMUS Planting Shelf

is a 4-tier hydroponic grow rack with Plug/Play full spectrum LED grow lights and EBB/FLOW features.


If you are looking for new, even revolutionary challenges in cultivation, the 4-floor EBB/FLOW rack MAXIMUS is for you! This full spectrum grow light model is used by professional growers and will really change your mind on traditional vs. hydroponic cultivation. Hydroponics is the future, especially with the professional knowledge that is combined in this product. You literally just need to fold it like a shelf, pour water into the reservoir, add nutrition and plug it into the electricity. 212 growing positions will give you the feeling of being a real large-scale grower.


  • construction dimensions: height 223cm, width 60cm, length 133cm
  • dimensions of the planting tray: height/depth 6.3 cm, width 60 cm, length 118 cm
  • water tank size: 35x35x70cm
  • The 4-tier hydroponic rack consists of a metal rack with anti-corrosion and antibacterial coating, four planting trays and a water tank with a pump
  • the system is supplied with 16 pcs full spectrum LED tubes 18w, interconnectable
  • possibility to use only statically, without wheels



What will the next 25-35 years hold for farmers or home growers like you?


– by 2050 we will have 9.8 billion people worldwide to feed.
– People will live in cities and outside of places where crops are grown.
– cities in the EU are developing housing for newcomers, the market for commercial spaces will be more expensive, inefficient and increasingly competitive.


MAXIMUS vertical system, MAXIMUS shelves and of course MAXIMUS towers…? …cultivation on another level. Salad, herbs, cbd projects, … Their intelligent design uses every cm3 of space.


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