Uvonair® ROOM 5000

Uvonair® 5000 for areas up to 150m3 (5000 cubic feet)

Uvonair® odor eliminators generate ozone, one of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents!

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Uvonair® ROOM 5000

Are you sure your odor is being eliminated? Be sure with UVONAIR®! The ONLY choice for quality INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ODOR ELIMINATORS! It doesn’t just mask odors, IT DESTROYS IT!


The Uvonair® UV Room Model is an economical system that produces ozone using special ultraviolet light bulbs

  • UV protected polycarbonate body for maximum durability
  • Ideal for rooms up to 5000 cubic feet (150 m3)
  • Operates for less than a 100 watt light bulb!
  • Works in areas with high HUMIDITY
  • Works in a wide range of TEMPERATURES
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY creating no hazardous waste!
  • Full one year warranty
  • No maintenance required
  • Use Uvonair® Room Models with a timer to sanitize/sterilize rooms at safe levels.


The leader in hydroponic ozonation! Designed, manufactured and guaranteed by years of ozone generation experience!

•Place the Uvonair® Odor Eliminator on a high shelf in the room. Ozone is heavier than air.
• Keep both ends loose.
• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use of extension cords and timers.
• Be careful and keep all electrical connections dry.



•The Uvonair® model should be selected to suit the size of the room.
• If using a larger unit than recommended, use a timer to adjust operating time accordingly.
• Unplug the unit before maintenance.

Uvonair® ozone generators are:
• Tried and tested for over 20 years!
• Approved to UL safety standards!


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