Hydroponic Container

Container farm for hydroponic growing plants

When calculating the price, we base it on the final configuration of the grower levels from 1 to 5 floors, output power / air conditioning and dehumidification.

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Maximus EVER GREEN – Hydroponic Grow Container 40ft.

Container Farming is the rising and shining star of modern agriculture, enabling people to access fresh and abundant local produce anywhere in the world, every day!
This system has so many great features that you can’t resist!

Our Proleaf is an integrated intelligent online management system. It allows our engineers to update the software, or monitor and modify it. In this way, after purchasing the container, you are still in contact with the factory and can use this 24-hour HELPDESK in English, either by email or WhatsApp service. The control of the container itself takes place in Touch-Screen mode.

Improve productivity
Stable harvest and profit 365 days a year, without restrictions in terms of growing seasons.
One vertical container farm can grow the equivalent of 2.5 acres of produce per year.

Reduce waste
90% less water consumption than conventional and greenhouse cultivation.
80% less fertilizer than conventional cultivation.
34% less inventory loss due to reduced food miles.

Reduce risks
Free you from the risks of extreme weather, crop failure, animal and insect damage.

Lowest expenses up front
With the lowest initial capital outlay of any type of indoor farming endeavor.
Simplify the learning curve for new farmers and ensure their business is successful on a commercial scale.

Better production quality and more options
Be sure to expect superior aroma, taste, appearance and nutrient content in all vegetables and fruits, even those that cannot otherwise be grown locally.
Let’s skip the worry and hassle of building an indoor planting facility and focus on starting and growing a successful farming business together, right now, with the

MAXIMUS Grow-Pro Container Farming System!

Farming CONTAINER - Maximus - Vertical Hydropony Growing HiTec


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