Hydroponic planting box OXEGEN – Aerohydro 12

12-hole hydroponic planting box Oxygen

Grow box 12 for growing plants without soil

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Hydroponic planting box Oxygen 12

Embark on the journey to a green miracle with our innovative product that opens the door to the world of hydroponics.
With 12 individual holes, you are in control of your harvest like never before.



Oxygen box 12 is ideal for growing plants without soil..
It allows you to grow different types of plants with minimal demands on space and care.


Its intelligent design ensures optimal use of water and nutrients, meaning your plants will grow fast and healthy.
With this simple yet powerful technology, you’ll achieve amazing results effortlessly.


With the Hydroponic Box Oxygen 24 you can create a little paradise on your balcony, terrace or even inside your home.

Oxygen is more than just a betting box. It is a symbol of your commitment to the environment and your health.
With it, you can be proud to grow fresh and safe crops right in your home.


Join us on the journey to sustainability.

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