BAMBOO KING goods for the garden and construction, more precisely BAMBOO, BAMBOO FIBERS AND OTHER WOODS, COCONUT FIBERS AND WIRES

…is a company with several businesses from production to trade. We are a sub-company of GUANGDONG Bamboo supply Factory, established in 2002 in China, covering 40,000 square meters of operating area, with more than 120 employees working in the factory. It mainly processes, manufactures accessories of bamboo artifacts and garden material, the main products are bamboo sticks, bamboo ladders, U-shape trellises, fences, bamboo ends and other gardening items. Our fences look unobtrusive and cover what they are meant to cover, while letting in enough light to avoid full shadows. The consistent approach and advanced production quality are gaining favorable comment and prestige. Our PATENTED brands are BAMBOO PIPPES and FIXI.

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